I went to Hong Kong 45 years ago but I applied for the Macau Sightseeing...

I traveled abroad on my honeymoon.

I traveled abroad on my honeymoon. The destination was very environmentally fun and I enjoyed it, but in reality the time I went for that trip was when I did not want to go abroad. The destination is not the one. We did not have time. That was because it was a few months after 911 terrorist attacks. I was honestly surprised to see the news of that terror at home. It was only salvation because the destination was not the United States, but I felt very uneasy in the plane to Australia. It's on the sky for 12 hours. . . Perhaps it was unnecessary to talk about terrorism from scattered rounds before departure. I got extra caution because my belongings examination was severe at the airport. I bought a drinking PET bottle I bought at a shop to bring my tea off without putting in a tea bag. I went to the belongings inspection and surrounded me by a very well-qualified guard. Even if the travel destination is fun, there is a place where it is impossible for the trip of the time when the vigilance is very severe to feel relaxed, and since it is mixed with uneasiness, it can not be said that it is completely fun. A pleasant trip. I would like to avoid going somewhere like this, but if it is a honeymoon it is difficult. . . Perhaps the world is peaceful, it might be the biggest condition for traveling. Whether you go to whatever country you are, you can have a good time even if you tell any country that security is good and there is no worry about such terrorism. I do not want to go because enemies are scared of traveling after having terrorism. However, as far as I do not know when it will happen, there is no way to use any countermeasures.

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